Our Approach

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EPS Consulting's core focus is on assisting our clients in their pursuit of competitive advantage. Our consulting services offer an innovative and value-added approach to problem solving and advisory work.

Specifically, we work with organisations across the public and private sectors to help them anticipate, evaluate and assess how the rapidly changing regulatory and economic environment may impact on their operations, in order to help them to develop strategies to deal with these changes successfully.

A Unique Approach

A Team of Business People

At EPS Consulting, we have a unique approach to problem solving that delivers valuable results for our clients. Our role is to provide strategic direction and support on policy, economic, regulatory and legislative issues.

Our Core Strength

The core strength of EPS Consulting lies in the knowledge base of our team. Our different skill sets and our combined professional experiences are the foundation of our unique combination of consulting services.


To ensure you receive the best possible advice, we often partner with individuals and other consultants on domestic and international levels, when such an arrangement is appropriate and additional expertise is required. This helps to build strong, successful advisory team who possess the capacity to deliver robust business strategies and results.

At all times, our aim is to deliver the highest possible professional service to our clients.

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